Hawksgarth Macey

Imported as a 7 month old, in January 2019, Nell is out of a FTCH to FTCH breeding which is pretty special. Her mom Hawksgarth Indiana was made up to FTCH before 4 yrs old and is by FTCH Levenghyl Malusi. Malusi has been known to put a very biddable demeanor into the dogs, ready and quick to take whistle stops and casts. Kirsty made up Nell’s uncle to be a FTCH as well. The sire is FTCH Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn, “Paddy” has produced 5 FTCH dogs and counting, was tied for the most well represented sire at the 2019 and 2018 IGL Championship, and only has one dog not titled in his 3 gen pedigree. Interestlingly enough he has a line back to our FTCH Baldonian Barron of Craighorn who we have had many great dogs down from. He is known to be a fast, powerful and extremely talented red dog. Pairing up the sensible biddability of Hawksgarth Indiana with the power of Paddy has produced a very talented female in Nell that is certainly quick but always gives me her eyes and very quick to the whistle. She is eager to please and can be handled to precision with a calm and quiet hand, I have been extremely pleased with her in the field and continue to be excited to work with the top notch pups she has produced.