FTW Hawksgarth Sumatra

FTW Hawksgarth Sumatra, “Jess” is one of the only Field Trial Winning females imported from the UK that is currently in the US. She exemplifies everything we love about British Labs. Compact at 45 lbs, she is dynamite in the field with all the passion you could desire in a dog. Cattails, ice, snow or training with bumpers in the Texas heat, she gives you her honest all. When it’s time to come inside Jess is the definition of toe warmer, curled up tight and she doesn’t move till the gun gets picked up again.
Jess’s sire, FTCH Levenghyl Malusi, is a dog well known for producing dogs that are bitable and easy to train. Her excellency in genetics speak for themselves with 3 siblings (two brother and one sister) that have completed their FTCH title. We can’t say enough about our girl Jess and this line of dogs.