Experience Dog Training Done right
The Wildrose Way

Experience Dog Training Done right
The Wildrose Way

Learn how to raise a gentleman’s gundog for home and field, the Wildrose Way. 


Around the world

People from around the world come to Wildrose looking for the best hunting and gundogs from a pedigree and training perspective. Experience the Wildrose Way

Wildrose dog in every state and every continent

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Gundog Training & Breed
The Wildrose Way

Get a championship quality dog

Our dogs have extensive, championship caliber pedigrees

start training your dog the right way

Train your dog the right way, the Wildrose way. We offer detailed training tips and support for dog breeders and individual owners

Training Tips & Videos

The Wildrose dog training series walks you through how to start your puppy off the right way and continue your dog's training to completion, creating a well-behaved hunting dog

Wildrose training book

Buy The Wildrose book to get the complete guide for raising and training your dog to its upmost potential.